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in the prevalence of physical. And average life expectancy is no advantage. Therefore, the quasi-vegetarians need to brush up before the action of specialized nutrition, or choose a vegetarian phase, to circumvent the lack of nutrition. 2. Vegetarian diet will lose weight Do you know the champion of common ingredients of energy The fat champion They are vegetable oil. Vegetable oil commanding the support of its recent allocation of these pro-, peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, french fries, cake, doing part to take the list of energy and fat content in the forefront, beef, lamb, liver, eggs, milk, the eleven defeated. There are carbohydrates in food champion it, bread, rice, beans, candy, drinks, energy supply of these two masters. Body fat vegetarian plate of half of all occupied. Who says vegetarians will be thin Champions do not agree that. 3.All the fruits and vegetable are eat raw. Some vegetarians believe that only raw vegetables have health value, and thus rarely ate cooked food, keen on salad and. However, the raw food is desirable First, worry about raw food brought somewhat unreliable, especially leafy vegetables. Second, raw fruits and vegetables concern the health of stomach. Third, the fear in which the thyroid gland without the heat can not be removed toxic substances, for a long time cause thyroid disorders. With these three concerns that remind you seriously raw food, do not over-eat a pound of vegetables. A day half a catty fruit to be fried is fried and more secure. 4. Anemia, but still adhere to be vegetarian. Vegetarian does more prone to iron deficiency anemia. A more proactive approach is to check the transferrin saturation and ferritin levels, early detection of iron deficiency. Iron deficiency in vegetarians vegetarian habits, of course if they can give the best, or at least with the iron supplement and vitamin C. Bearing in mind, the increase in protein-rich foods such as eggs and soybeans to provide a comprehensive synthesis of hemoglobin, raw materials, only the red date is not enough. 5. Delicious vegetarian food to be more "material". Vegetarian not too good Some will add a lot of fat, sugar, salt and other spices to cook, such as adding oil regularly eat cakes and pastries point, often eat fried rice and fried noodles, fried vegetables, adding a lot of oil when the deployment are added to drinks a lot of sugar, seasoning salt and the time put a lot of MSG, and so on. As everyone knows, vegetable oil, sugar, spices and animal fats as large, easy to increased blood lipids, promote obesity. Vegetarian satirizes those who profess the generation of very much love to wine and meat would be better than the Buddha through the hearts of intestine left, you say is not it It so many designs of coach bags on the web. But is it everything match your style HeyJust be yourself. You will be surprised at our price and service because they are all from coach factory.Or you can scan the coach outlet stores.You can use coach coupons to save money!Enjoy your shopping time and have a good day.
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